Friday, 10 July 2015

Earn Money on-line at no cost..........

Hello Friends,

Its too long time to be post my new post. Now I am here too share another exciting post.
We all know that today is the era of Internet Marketing and people only think about earn money with out any investment. Yes, they all are correct. I am also don't want to invest money but want to earn, so here is the Information.

Some days ago I read an post in "Top five Websites to Earn Extra Money Online latest news" and I clicked on first website which shows in the News and its then I thought is it really works or a fake one. I signup and make an account and after next day I got 3 mails. I read them and my account shows me that I got paid for reading those mail. Its really interesting and an amazing experience for me. I paid for just reading the mails.

Next day I again got 3 mails, I again clicked them, again I paid. Its running day by day, but on Sunday I didn't get any mail. On Monday suddenly one question clicked in my mind, why they pay to me for a one click? How they generate income for them selves?

The answer is simple and sweet, they are doing SEO for themselves. On each click they got pay from the advertiser and they share a little bit amount with us. They promote their products, brands and share their discount coupons with us. Most of the times those coupons are really attractive and you will be eager to buy the product from the the site. Recently I purchased home products from, reason is simple their offers are amazing.

Those sites know that how can they earn from you? and they only target you to promote and share their product. Just look at me, I am also promoting my self with you and also promoting these website.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Is Google think about closing SEO................

Most of people think that Google is set to closing down the SEO soon. If its true then what will we do?

These rumours is always be on Social Media and It don't affect my SEO work. You know why? Because its rumours. Google is always scare us with these rumours. Google don't want to close down SEO ever and the reason behind it is really simple.

Suppose Google close down SEO and now our Link Building work does't affect website rank in Google than people goes for Paid Results. So Google never get the Genuine Users which only comes from Organic Results. And Google don't want to be lose its Genuine Users. Reason is simple but very important for Google. So don't think that SEO will be close or Google never crawl Link Building you did for any website. It always affect your website ranking.

And I pray to God that Day never come in Life that Google Shut Down SEO, otherwise from I can earn money......


Friday, 12 June 2015

SEO in Past and Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change is the rule of life and everyone know that rule very well. So that change also be a very Important part in SEO. Google is popular search engine in the World. When we talk about SEO then the first search engine comes in our mind is Google. So we also to do SEO for Google it self. Google is very popular and the web spider of Google is very strong.

Google is now updated himself as a person or we can say as a manual reviewer. Some years ago SEO was the only link building work. If you want to get rank in Google then make 1000 links per day, you will be on Top on after 15 days or 1 month. Now if you think I built 1000 links per day for your website then you are insane now. You definitely need a doctor. Google is update its algorithm now on regular interval, so its not possible to get rank in Google only basis on Link Building. So we have to also update our tactic  according to Google Algorithm.

I hope most of the People heard about Google updates like; Panda update, Penguin update, Hummingbird update, Zebra update, Pigeon update and those updates are continuously rolling out on regular interval. The  main reason behind to rolling out these algorithms is too give more genuine and specific results to the user. According to Google "If your website don't have content related to your business and not for the user then there is no need to be give rank to your website".

After those updates SEO is also move forward in a positive way. Now SEO experts become SEM experts, they moved on paid marketing and lead generation. They do not bother about Google SERP, they only think about leads. If your website have good leads and you have a good traffic, then you will be able to get rank in Google with little bit effort in link building. But first you have to generate traffic for your site. These is very important for you.

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Future with SEO

Most of the time I heard from the freshers about SEO.

SEO?  "What is SEO?" I didn't hear about that. What we will do in it? Is it a right career to pick? Is salary growth is better then development?

These question is common from the freshers. They don't know about the power of SEO nor they know the importance of SEO. I personally know most of the guys who changed their professional after spending 2 years in SEO and now they are freshers in Development. I don't know why they choose SEO that time. Okay that post is not for them, these is for all those want to make career in SEO and don't want to survive in development with codes.

SEO, these is short and simple but very interesting for me and for those who have little bit knowledge about it. In US every second person have his/her own website. Each and every business of them is on internet. So do you think; Is it possible with help of SEO executive they could find out? No. They could not. So Simple definition of SEO is "To increase the Visibility of your site in any search engine is SEO." Now I think I am again gone off the topic.

Future with SEO
Here in India the average Salary of an SEO Specialist is Rs 177,892 per year, and a web developer earns Rs 239,222 And in US its US $ 98000 per year means Rs 6174000. And a web developer earns only $54,797 per year means Rs 3452211. So what do you think which is best; SEO or Web Development. Here in India experts will not paid as per their calibre. They got salaried only 5-10% of the project and its reality.

Do you hear about Mr. Neil Patel. I know most of the SEO expert know him. He is the one who makes his career in SEO and now he is a well known Enterpreneur from India. SEO is not finished with only SEO, you can start learning SEM, PPC, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing. These will also help you to do SEO.

Mr Neil Patel

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hello Friends,

I am Ashish G. I am an Search Engine Marketing Expert in Indore. I completed successfully 4 years in the Industry with lots of knowledge and experience. I was an Engineering student. I complete my BE in Information Technology. After one struggling year in PHP, I joined SEO team and now I am a Project Manager in Indore and handling 3 Team Leader with 20 Members.

Frankly, at first time I felt that I am in wrong industry or I was not doing justice with my Engineering knowledge. After 6 months, I realized what I was doing? Link Building that's it. There is lots of new things in SEO. There is lots of new techniques and knowledge about SEO, SMO, PPC and SEM. But now I thought I was surrounded by the crabs, who didn't want to grow and nor want to grow the others. I jumped into the field and took as a challenge and I think its not over for me yet. There is lots of new thing yet to come and I have to take them as challenge of life.

For me Search Engine Marketing is every thing. I always try to find new things or try to learn new in SEM. Many peoples think that they have enough knowledge about SEM now and they can easily run a SEM based company, but those people not only fail, they also got financial problems. I am saying that don't open a firm. Open firm when you are capable to handle and able to pay and fulfill the employees requirements.

I think my introduction goes to long and off the topic, so I am coming to the point.

I personally thanks to inspire me to write these blog is Mr. Er. Reetesh Sharma, who had been writing his blog from last 2-3 years, Mr Ankur Jain, Mr Tarun Sharma and Mr Sandesh Patidar.

My SNV Infotech's senior Mr. Bhushan Parnekar, Mr. Namendra Varma, Ms. Shruchi Nagar, Mr. Anand Puranik and the Boss of the Company Mr. Nikhil Sethi.

And many many thanks to current Company Boss Mr. Satya Narayan Verma.

I started these blogging on my Dad's birthday, so you dad I love you. Mom for you I love you.

Thanks to all of them and these all dedicated to my brother Mr. Akash Gengara, my lovely wife Mrs Poonam, my naughty son Master Aarav.