Saturday, 6 June 2015

Future with SEO

Most of the time I heard from the freshers about SEO.

SEO?  "What is SEO?" I didn't hear about that. What we will do in it? Is it a right career to pick? Is salary growth is better then development?

These question is common from the freshers. They don't know about the power of SEO nor they know the importance of SEO. I personally know most of the guys who changed their professional after spending 2 years in SEO and now they are freshers in Development. I don't know why they choose SEO that time. Okay that post is not for them, these is for all those want to make career in SEO and don't want to survive in development with codes.

SEO, these is short and simple but very interesting for me and for those who have little bit knowledge about it. In US every second person have his/her own website. Each and every business of them is on internet. So do you think; Is it possible with help of SEO executive they could find out? No. They could not. So Simple definition of SEO is "To increase the Visibility of your site in any search engine is SEO." Now I think I am again gone off the topic.

Future with SEO
Here in India the average Salary of an SEO Specialist is Rs 177,892 per year, and a web developer earns Rs 239,222 And in US its US $ 98000 per year means Rs 6174000. And a web developer earns only $54,797 per year means Rs 3452211. So what do you think which is best; SEO or Web Development. Here in India experts will not paid as per their calibre. They got salaried only 5-10% of the project and its reality.

Do you hear about Mr. Neil Patel. I know most of the SEO expert know him. He is the one who makes his career in SEO and now he is a well known Enterpreneur from India. SEO is not finished with only SEO, you can start learning SEM, PPC, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing. These will also help you to do SEO.

Mr Neil Patel

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