Friday, 12 June 2015

SEO in Past and Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Change is the rule of life and everyone know that rule very well. So that change also be a very Important part in SEO. Google is popular search engine in the World. When we talk about SEO then the first search engine comes in our mind is Google. So we also to do SEO for Google it self. Google is very popular and the web spider of Google is very strong.

Google is now updated himself as a person or we can say as a manual reviewer. Some years ago SEO was the only link building work. If you want to get rank in Google then make 1000 links per day, you will be on Top on after 15 days or 1 month. Now if you think I built 1000 links per day for your website then you are insane now. You definitely need a doctor. Google is update its algorithm now on regular interval, so its not possible to get rank in Google only basis on Link Building. So we have to also update our tactic  according to Google Algorithm.

I hope most of the People heard about Google updates like; Panda update, Penguin update, Hummingbird update, Zebra update, Pigeon update and those updates are continuously rolling out on regular interval. The  main reason behind to rolling out these algorithms is too give more genuine and specific results to the user. According to Google "If your website don't have content related to your business and not for the user then there is no need to be give rank to your website".

After those updates SEO is also move forward in a positive way. Now SEO experts become SEM experts, they moved on paid marketing and lead generation. They do not bother about Google SERP, they only think about leads. If your website have good leads and you have a good traffic, then you will be able to get rank in Google with little bit effort in link building. But first you have to generate traffic for your site. These is very important for you.

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