Saturday, 20 June 2015

Is Google think about closing SEO................

Most of people think that Google is set to closing down the SEO soon. If its true then what will we do?

These rumours is always be on Social Media and It don't affect my SEO work. You know why? Because its rumours. Google is always scare us with these rumours. Google don't want to close down SEO ever and the reason behind it is really simple.

Suppose Google close down SEO and now our Link Building work does't affect website rank in Google than people goes for Paid Results. So Google never get the Genuine Users which only comes from Organic Results. And Google don't want to be lose its Genuine Users. Reason is simple but very important for Google. So don't think that SEO will be close or Google never crawl Link Building you did for any website. It always affect your website ranking.

And I pray to God that Day never come in Life that Google Shut Down SEO, otherwise from I can earn money......


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