Thursday, 4 June 2015


Hello Friends,

I am Ashish G. I am an Search Engine Marketing Expert in Indore. I completed successfully 4 years in the Industry with lots of knowledge and experience. I was an Engineering student. I complete my BE in Information Technology. After one struggling year in PHP, I joined SEO team and now I am a Project Manager in Indore and handling 3 Team Leader with 20 Members.

Frankly, at first time I felt that I am in wrong industry or I was not doing justice with my Engineering knowledge. After 6 months, I realized what I was doing? Link Building that's it. There is lots of new things in SEO. There is lots of new techniques and knowledge about SEO, SMO, PPC and SEM. But now I thought I was surrounded by the crabs, who didn't want to grow and nor want to grow the others. I jumped into the field and took as a challenge and I think its not over for me yet. There is lots of new thing yet to come and I have to take them as challenge of life.

For me Search Engine Marketing is every thing. I always try to find new things or try to learn new in SEM. Many peoples think that they have enough knowledge about SEM now and they can easily run a SEM based company, but those people not only fail, they also got financial problems. I am saying that don't open a firm. Open firm when you are capable to handle and able to pay and fulfill the employees requirements.

I think my introduction goes to long and off the topic, so I am coming to the point.

I personally thanks to inspire me to write these blog is Mr. Er. Reetesh Sharma, who had been writing his blog from last 2-3 years, Mr Ankur Jain, Mr Tarun Sharma and Mr Sandesh Patidar.

My SNV Infotech's senior Mr. Bhushan Parnekar, Mr. Namendra Varma, Ms. Shruchi Nagar, Mr. Anand Puranik and the Boss of the Company Mr. Nikhil Sethi.

And many many thanks to current Company Boss Mr. Satya Narayan Verma.

I started these blogging on my Dad's birthday, so you dad I love you. Mom for you I love you.

Thanks to all of them and these all dedicated to my brother Mr. Akash Gengara, my lovely wife Mrs Poonam, my naughty son Master Aarav.


  1. A very famous saying from Walt Disney, I want to dedicate you - "If you can dream it, you can do it."

    We all trust you and your capabilities. Go Ahead; We all here to support you and hope to see you at the top of every field where you make a try.

    Best Of Luck Ashish.

  2. You have done a very great work,,,
    GO ahead and make your own destiny.
    All The Best.